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Hi! My name is Jim Miller, and my wife Jacki and I own jimmages - contemporary wedding photography.

This is my blog, and I am so glad that you found me.

How to pronounce jimmages? Well, you could pronounce it jimmages, as in rhyming with images. You could also pronounce it Jim Images. And for those upscale clients, please let me give you the phonetic pronunciation...Zhim AH Zhay.

Just kidding. Pronounce it any way that you like. That's not important. What is important is that hopefully I just made you smile. That's my job you know... to make you smile at the wedding, to make you smile when you see your photographs, and to make you smile (OK, slightly grin) when you get your bill!

We are located in Sherman, TX, but we photograph amazing weddings all over the southwestern United States. My style might best be described as resembling photojournalism. That is to say, I photograph real events as they are really happening... staying on the DL and not interrupting every moment by asking you to stop, look at me, and have you give me an awkward forced looking smile.

But the truth is, we do need some formal portraits, so it's not completely a photojournalistic approach. I tell my clients that I do enough posed portraits to make their parents happy, but mostly I am capturing the real moments of the most important day of their life, which makes them very happy. So what is this style called? I dunno...it hasn't been around long enough to have a 'name' yet, so I just call it contemporary wedding photography. Sounds kind of cool, no?

So welcome aboard the jimmages blog. Feel free to look around, make yourself at home, and leave a comment or two.

And please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call if you have questions. I have packages that will fit pretty much any reasonable budget. I am a really low key guy, I love what I do, and I get really excited when I see in a client's eyes that I have delivered more than they expected. Because sometimes smiles show up in the coolest ways...

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

| Raymond and Heather in Downtown Sherman |

About a month ago, I had the distinct pleasure to photograph Todd and Sara in Denton. And at that wedding, I met Heather who was the maid of honor, and her fiance, Raymond.

Then we met in earnest a little later, and lo and behold, they are trusting me to photograph THEIR wedding, too. Awesome!

We didn't know for sure what we wanted to do for an engagement session, so we opted for the downtown back alley look, which of course, as an alley cat, is one of my favorites. It was a great adventure. Check out why!

Here we are getting started at the famous cobalt window.


I really enjoy photographing people that like to be photographed. It makes my job so much easier!


Even after all of this time photographing in this alley, I still can't figure out what's up with this checkerboard looking child's tablecloth :>)


The best time to photograph outdoors is late in the day. Just look at this killer sunlight!


This brick is really awesome, too.


We found another tree...


We wanted to find something country to go with the boots and skirt...it's not the first time a pawn shop has come to my rescue :>)


So we're cruising around, and we come upon this funky little place that looks like it should have a roof. All of the walls were painted old school.


This has to be old...when's the last time a tagger used the word 'Jazz' as part of the message? Lawrence Welk was president!


I think it was Raymond who liked the looks of this little shack that used to be a police supply hut AND a jewelry repair place. Nowhere but Sherman...


Such a happy couple...



We're almost done for the day, but Raymond discovers this mysterious locked door. The only way to see what's inside is to crawl thru the little hole in the door...


Of course we did. And we found this little courtyard that made us feel like we were in a time tunnel. Check out the truck, and before there was TV, they used to paint ads on the sides of buildings.



So our adventure was over. Thanks for making the trip in, guys! We'll have more photos from their wedding real soon!


Sunday, January 6, 2008

| Anthony and Lisa Got Married at St. Pius X in Dallas |

I had the pleasure of photographing Anthony and Lisa at St. Pius X in East Dallas yesterday. While I have never been in the church, it was almost like a homecoming for me. I used to live over that way, and drove past St. Pius X all the time. What a gorgeous church it is, too!


And the inside...so pretty and dramatic.


Debby and Suzy, my new friends from The Flower Mart, are busy setting up the gorgeous floral arrangements.


Anthony seems so happy to be marrying Lisa. This is not the look of a worried, nervous man.


And when Lisa gets there, she is overwhelmed at seeing all of her family and friends waiting for her.


Anthony and Lisa are both graduates of St. Pius X, as was the minister. How cool is that?


Such a good lookin' couple!


And so in love...


It's all about the details for me.


The deejay was cracking me up all night. This shot just might have to go on my website. More later!
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